Dentures and Partials for Vancouver, WA

Dentures have helped countless people. While dentistry has developed other methods, including dental implants and fixed bridges, dentures and partials are still the best option for some patients. To learn which of these tooth replacement options would work for you, visit the Vancouver, Washington dental office of Dr.Shakiba for a consultation.

A full or partial denture is a removable form of tooth replacement. False teeth are embedded in a gum-like base, and this dental prosthetic rests on the jaw bone. If you’re wearing a partial denture, the prosthetic will include a frame and clasps to anchor to remaining teeth. A full denture can be held in place with natural suction that occurs between the base of the denture and the roof or bottom of your mouth.

The Dentures and Partials Process

The entire process of replacing teeth with a denture or partial generally takes between three and six weeks. First, you’ll visit with Dr. Shakiba to discuss your needs and outline your treatment. If teeth need to be extracted, we’ll create a plan for this part of the process. Your denture or partial can either be designed prior to extraction, allowing your prosthetic to be ready for you to immediately wear after extraction, or it can be designed and made after extraction. We’ll take a series of impressions of your jaw and record measurements; this information will be sent to the dental lab that creates dentures and partials. We’ll have models made first, which will allow you to “try on” your dentures, and then a final denture or partial will be cast. If necessary, we’ll adjust your denture until it fits perfectly.